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Humanitarian Award 2018

  • Dr. R. Balagurusamy, Chairman & Managing Trustee, Aishwaryam Trust

    Creating Awareness and render medical service to economically backward people by providing specialised treatment and care.They have accommodate 50 patients who are requiring special treatment including sustance medication, physiotherapy, nursing and psychological counseling. So far, the Trust has conducted more than a 100 free medical camps in various rural areas around Madurai and this covered more than 25000 patients, every year, from 2014.

  • Tamilmani Mam, Program Manager, EKTA Resource Center for Women

    The organization adopts a life cycle approach; works in rural and urban areas with women, men and adolescents in the educational institutions. It promotes issue-based campaigns to end violence against women, facilitates networks for experiential sharing and collective action. It advocates and lobbies for gender sensitive policy changes to further the interest of women and address gender based violence in particular.

  • Mr.Thamburaja

    Tamburaj volunteer himself in Meals delivery service to low income seniors above 60 years or more. Meals delivery service to senior citizens at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. Started the service with 25 Volunteers and now the count increased to 120 .Monthly expenses for this service shared among the voluntaries. Also Tambraj holds the membership of senior citizenship association, Ilanji Tenkasi.

  • Dr. V. Balamurugan from Avvai Ashram

    Avvai Ashram, a Gandhian institution that serves poor orphans and deaf and mute children in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. The Ashram maintains an orphanage for local poor children, a residential school for deaf and mute children, and three nursery schools in villages, serving a total of 100+ children at present.The children who are brought to the Avvai Ashram who either have only relatives who are unable to take care of them or a single parent who is very poor, or handicapped or working elsewhere etc.

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