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Having begun its journey in 2009, The HELP KIDS TRUST registered as a non-government organization by late 2014 and ever since its inception, the program has strived to work with a mission of transforming lives of underprivileged children by offering financial support to continue their education. Niche in its cause, Help Kids Trust believes in educating the deserving underprivileged children who would in-turn act as pillars of support for the family and enrich the community at large. Over the last seven years of continued support, the initiative has extended financial aid to over 2380 School Students and 785 College Students, across several remote locations in down-south Tamil Nadu.

The program that now covers over 246 schools spread across various districts of Tamilnadu, looks at expanding its horizon and thereby adding as many schools and colleges as possible. Targeting districts that host a number of economically backward families who are unlikely to support basic financial needs of education for their kids, we at HelpKids are conscious in identifying the kind and extend support through the cause-driven program. All of this has been made possible by our long list of donors and volunteers who have remained to actively participate and contribute their efforts, simply to meet the goal of lighting hope into a child’s future.


Education is Not Preparation For Life; Education is Life Itself


Ultimate aim of HELP KIDS TRUST is to help the kids who Struggle to carry their education due to financial instability

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