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The HELP KIDS TRUST Educational Financial Aid Program was Founded on Dec 19, 2009 with a mission to transform the lives of young underprivileged children by offering sustained support for their educational needs.

Education - a concept so niche in its objective that it can have an impact over a life time. It is invariably true that a person who is better educated leads a good life style and yet stays knowledgeable in a lot of ways. Not just it, education also plays a crucial role in promoting the economic growth of a country and does influence the community at large . Regardless of all its benefits, there is still a group amongst our population known for their inability to read and write, defined by the term ‘illiteracy’.

To bring about a change and increase literates, Help Kids is an initiative aimed at offering financial aid towards education, reserved for those ‘deserving’ underprivileged school / college going children. This way we believe that our initiative could help in educating children and thereby help bring about a change in the society we dwell in. In supporting this cause, we welcome people to actively participate in volunteering and contribute their share of grants to add purpose and bring about a change over these young lives. Rather as we like to put it across – You can be the change that you wish to see in this world!

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